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Plastic Compound Operations Manager – Corona, CA
A growing plastic compounding company operating for 40 years with 50 employees, located in Southern California, needs to hire a Production Manager who will report to the Operations Manager.  The company does custom compounding and some masterbatching and manufactures; polyolefins, nylons, ABS, TPU, and glass filled reinforced resins. 
Even in these uncertain time the company is doing well, operating 10 single and twin head screw extruders and is ISO Certified.  In addition to the Operations Manager, the company has a Scheduler, Purchasing Manager, and Extrusion Supervisor, but due to to growth the owner wants to add a hands on Production Manager to work on the floor, creating middle level management to support the Operations Manager.
In addition to an annual salary in the $75,000 to $90,000 range, the company offers Healthcare, benefits and a 401(k) with matching up to 4%.   
Flexible PVC Product Development – Saginaw, MI


A major manufacturer of flexible PVC roofing membranes is searching for a Flexible PVC Formulator.  The Flexible PVC Formulator must have experience developing and performing long term testing protocols for flexible PVC in outdoor environments and have experience and experience in calendaring and/or extruding operations.  The Flexible PVC Formulator will be responsible for:

  • Flexible PVC formulation for new product development initiatives
  • Qualifying alternate raw materials for existing PVC products
  • Directing the work of R&D analysts on new product development
  • Providing technical support to manufacturing operations specifically to mixing PVC formulations
  • Evaluating long term performance of existing roofing products and recommending improved formulations
  • Willing to become the company’s PVC formulation expert with no internal resources to assist in meeting PVC formulation challenges.

In addition to an annual salary in the $100,000 to $130,000 range, the company offers competitive benefits including; health care, and relocation assistance.


  • Must be able to document research and produce high level technical reports.
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Chemical Engineering – Mininum.  Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering or Chemistry related field would be preferred.
  • Highly skilled using Excel and Minitab.
  • Six Sigma background
  • 5-10 years of experience in an R&D environment developing flexible PVC products for a calendar or extruder operation.
  • Ability to make high risk decisions with confidence.
  • Ability to work in a laboratory environment, as well as, a manufacturing environment.