Injection Molding Machine Operators – Spartanburg, SC

A manufacturer of plastic injection molded plastic closures is searching for Injection Molding Machine Operators to work 12 hour day or night shifts.


*Ensuring that all work undertaken or supervised is carried out safely and without injury
*Ensuring that all food safety issues are reported to the appropriate manager or supervisor
*Initiating corrective action for non-conformance’s related to injection and vision system processes.
*Operating: injection molding machines, vision systems, down-stream equipment, and material feed equipment
*Executing sample requests issued and process related activities focused on identifying root cause problems
*Auditing box counts and vision system to verify that the equipment is working correctly.


*Effective written and verbal communication skills
*Effective organizational skills with an attention to detail
*Advanced injection molding knowledge related to troubleshooting and resin behavior
*Advanced problem-solving skills focused on root cause analysis and lessons learned
*Working knowledge of basic hydraulic/electric/pneumatic/vision systems
*Ability to lift 35 pounds unassisted and work standing for 12 hours
*A minimum of 3 years of experience with injection mold machines and secondary equipment
*High School Diploma or equivalent

Hourly rate is between $24 and $26 with competitive benefits.

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