Injection Molding Maintenance Technician – Piscataway, NJ

A company manufacturing custom plastic injection molded components wants to hire an injection molding equipment Maintenance Technician for first shift. The Maintenance Technician is responsible for; making injection molding mechanical systems more efficient, installing new machinery, troubleshoot various issues with injection molding equipment, and repairing injection molding and auxiliary mechanical systems to achieve maximum output.

  • Carefully read manuals of equipment and interpret them to understand how to operate and maintain equipment properly.
  • Inspect newly acquired injection molding and auxiliary equipment upon arrival.
  • Strictly abide by safety regulations during manufacturing activities, keeping equipment in check to avoid mechanical hazards that could cause harm to operators and workers.
  • Teach workers how to operate equipment.
  • Carry out routine servicing of equipment to prevent breakdowns and malfunctions, which could negatively impact production.
  • Keep a record of maintenance activities to track and project the lifespan of equipment.
  • Communicate with management about equipment faults and best maintenance practices that need to be implemented for maximum performance.
  • Develop and implement preventative maintenance procedures.
  • Maintaining a safe and clean work environment for all employees and customers complying with organizational and OSHA safety standards, procedures, and regulations.
  • Evaluate workspace safety on the production floor to ensure everyone is following guidelines with equipment.
  • Ability to complete a variety of tasks required to maintain production equipment, e.g., plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning, and structural concerns.
  • Four or more years of experience working in equipment maintenance
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Certification in industry-accepted standards
  • Excellent understanding of injection molding mechanical systems and auxiliary equipment.
  • Strong knowledge of skilled trades, such as HVAC, electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic systems
  • Strong ability to communicate in writing and speaking
In addition to an hour rate in the $55 to $65 per hour range, the company offers healthcare benefits, a 401(k) with matching, and relocation assistance.

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