Injection Molding Processing Technician – Southern, NJ

A company that specializes in custom plastic injection molding company wants to hire a Plastic Injection Molding Processing Technician.  The Plastic Injection Molding Processing Technician will be responsible for starting machines, optimizing processes, and troubleshooting part issues, in addition to; minimizing scrap, waste, and downtime while ensuring that jobs are started quickly and efficiently.

Plastic Injection Molding Process Technician Duties

  • Document and update new processes and procedures
  • Verify the correct set up of injection molding machine
  • Understand and effectively use IQMS
  • Work with production manager to propose and execute cost reduction strategies
  • Communicate with QC director and QC inspectors to correct processes that produce non-conforming parts
  • Reduce waste, improve quality, decrease downtime   
Position Requirements
  • A minimum of years of experience in plastic injection molding
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the resin used in injection molding
  • Working knowledge of injection molding and tool design
  • Understanding of manufacturing costs and profit analysis
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with numerous different sizes and types of molding machines
In addition an annual salary between $60,000 and $75,000 per year, the company offers healthcare benefits, a 401(k) with matching and relocation assistance.

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