What type of recruiting firm are you and are there any costs associated with submitting my resume

We are a contingency search firm. This means that the client company pays our fees, not the candidate.

Will my resume be kept confidential?

YES! DISCOVERY PERSONNEL, INC. and our affiliates make every effort to keep your resume or information about your search confidential from your present employer.

How long has DISCOVERY PERSONNEL, INC. been in business?

We have been in the recruiting business since 1984.

Are you a NATIONWIDE recruiting agency?

YES! Not only do we work with client companies all over the United States, we also are part of a nationwide network of approximately 800 recruiting firms with nearly 2,000 recruiters.

What is the name of your recruiting network?

The recruiting network is called the Top Echelon Network.

Can you find me a position in my desired area of the country?

We cannot guarantee that we can find a job in a specific area of the United States, but through our membership in the Top Echelon Network and our contacts we have thousands of positions scattered throughout the United States where we can place candidates.

Do you only place candidates in “permanent” positions?

No! We also place people in “contract” positions. We now use the term “direct” instead of “permanent.”

What is the market like?

In the central part of the U. S. the market is very strong. The job market is not quite as strong on the East Coast and West Coast. Even though there are more jobs than qualified candidates, companies will pass on candidates that do not exactly fit the job profile.

What are the steps involved in listing with DISCOVERY PERSONNEL, INC.?

The most important step is to send a current resume, if it is available. If a current resume is not available, contact us by telephone, email, or snail mail and we will help in the resume preparation process. After receiving your information, we will contact you by phone to gather any additional information that is needed. To speed this process, you can use our Job Checklist.

How long does it take to find a job?

This is a very difficult, if not impossible question to answer because there are so many variables involved.