An Entry from the Job Hunter's Journal

Things Inquiring Recruiter Minds Want to Know

Ken Nunley, a third party recruiter and owner of Ken Nunley Gate House Consulting gave me a Questionnaire that he asks candidates to fill out and submit if they are interested in one of the positions listed on his web site  I am sharing this Questionnaire, with Ken’s blessing, with my avid readers four a couple of reasons.  The first reason is that Ken is a very successful third party recruiter and this list provides excellent insight into what information a recruiter wants from a job applicant.  The second reason I am sharing this questionnaire is that before Ken became a very successful third party recruiter, he was a very successful human resources manager and has inside knowledge of what information companies want from job applicants. 

The following questionnaire should be used as a guide by anyone preparing  a resume, responding to a company job advertisement, responding to a third party recruiter job advertisement, or during a telephone or face-to-face job interview.  The questions are not in any particular order of importance but yet, they are all important. 

  • As a part of our QUALITY process please indicate your SALARY and RELOCATION preferences, what type of products and/or industries you’re experience with?
  • What is prompting you to leave your current or last employer?
  • What prompted you to leave your next to last employer?
  • What is your completed BS degree and/or your advanced degree in?
  • Your  SALARY or RELOCATION preferences?
  • Salary Range?
  • Relocation – Urban, Suburban, Rural?
  • Is the salary posted for this position within your interest range?
  • Will you consider CONTRACT work?
  • Are there any required skills in this job description that you are not experienced with?
  • What types of products and/or industries are you experienced with?
  • How many years of experience do you have in each industry?
  • What is your availability to travel domestically and internationally?
  • For DOD and DOE job submittals or no-US citizens – what are your current citizenship/VISA status and/or past or current security clearance?
  • Do you require relocation support because you are a current home owner?
  • Please list the contact numbers at which you can be reached, HOME #, CELL# and WORK#.
  • Employment tenure of less than 36 months with any employer should be explained, i.e., lay off, plant closure, released, etc.
  • Employment gaps of more than 1 year should be explained!
  • Please provide us with the following information from your last two jobs:
     –  What was produced at that site? – Include:  Employer/Company name and product/services produced?
     –  Who were your major customers? – Include: Employer/Company name and services/products sold to?
     –  With what process were you most involved? – Include: Employer/Company name and your focused contribution   and accomplishments?
  • ALL resumes MUST have dates of employment, employer name and job title!!!

Obviously this Questionnaire is written for anyone applying for a job.  I have a similar questionnaire on my web site that is tailored for someone requesting Discovery Personnel’s help with their job search.  Either questionnaire will provide a good overview of what information a company or third party recruiter needs from someone applying for a position or requesting help with a job search.  BE PREPARED!